She never wanted to be white picket fenced in her heart's like a feather in a tulsa wind a sea salt breeze will bring her to life and all them other boys say she's a goodbye girl she'll wreck your world and leave before the mornin' sun but here she is free layin' next to me 'cause i ain't trying to tame her love i keep the windows down and the wind in her hair keep her heart hanging on 'round. Lyric: [adjective] suitable for singing to the lyre or for being set to music and sung. Lyr•ic (ˈlɪr ɪk) adj. also, lyr′i•cal. 1. (of a poem) having the form and general effect of a song, esp. one expressing the writer's feelings. 2. pertaining to or writing lyric poetry. 3. characterized by or expressing strong, spontaneous feeling: lyric writing. 4. pertaining to, rendered by, or employing singing. Kodak black "back for everything". scorpions "rock believer". tears for fears "the tipping point". earthgang "ghetto gods". bad omens "the death of peace of mind". gang of youths "angel in realtime." dashboard confessional "all the truth that i can tell". broods "space island". carlie hanson "tough boy". Synonyms for lyric: poem, rune, song, verse, ballad, ditty, jingle, lay; antonyms for lyric: unlyrical, prosaic, prose, unpoetic.